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Update on doctors appt.

May 28th, 2008 at 10:13 am

Went to the bone specialist today to see about my finger (see prior post.) He said "Put two band-aids on it. It will be okay." :0!!! Whaa? He said nothing can really be done for the fracture, and that my finger looks good. (It still looks nasty to me.) Instructions were to keep it dry, antibiotic cream, and come back in about a week to get the stitches out. I asked if I can take them out myself, and save a copay. He looked suprised, but said yes. So not as serious as I had thought, I guess.

Boy do I feel stupid!!!

May 27th, 2008 at 12:59 pm

I spent all day Sunday in the E.R. Why? Because I am stupid.

I somehow got my finger caught in a hydrolic wood splitter! My finger was mincemeat. I had an open fracture on my left ring finger. Lost my fingernail, and have six stiches. Not pretty!!! I am hoping to get an appt. with a bone specialist today. Surgery might be in my near future....

Slooowwwly growing...

May 22nd, 2008 at 03:13 pm

After paying bills , we are only able to put $1000.00 in the emergency fund this month. Total now is $3000.00.

I hate to have a negative attitude, but it doesn't seem like we will make our goal by October. Maybe I'll back up the goal date to the end of the year.

On another note, I went to get my car inspected yesterday, and it did not pass. The tint is too dark! It's weird. It passed last year. So now I have to get my front windows retinted. Bummer, I really liked the darker tint. Very nice to have with this Texas sun. Just another expense to add to the pot.

Bring it on!!!!

May 21st, 2008 at 02:10 pm

The cake orders that is.

I have been getting cake and cookie orders hand over fist. Yea! I'm waiting on a check to be cut for an order I did on Monday ($32.00), I have an order today (around $75.00), and several for this weekend ($42.00 & $48.00). This will be added to the challenge. The challenge $ will be funding our vacation. Any $ that is left over will go to the emergency fund.

The emergency fund is kind of depressing. Only $2000.00 right now. I will more that likely put $1000.00 in it after the bills are paid this month. My DH and I want this thig done yesterday so we can fund our Roths and the kids college fund. It just isn't moving along fast enough.

Challenge bal...............$1799.00
cake order (already pd).....$ 32.00
New bal.....................$1831.00

Full day today

May 19th, 2008 at 01:03 pm

I have a lot to do today, but wanted to update my challenge. Adding $42.00 fo a cake order that I did last Friday.

I have several orders today, but I have to run to the store first because I didn't realize that I am out of several ingredients. Here's another time that disorganization has cost me money! (I really need to get it together!)

Had a gentleman stop by asking for the wood from the trees if we were going to just haul it away. He was very nice. We told him we were planning on selling it. I think I'm going to do as Amber suggested and put a "firewood for sale" sign out.

Oldest son (13) wanted a backpack to carry his gym clothes back and forth to school. I told him I would pay half. Luck had it, a week later we got a coupon in the mail for 1/2 off a $20.00 purchase. We found one for $19.99 and he used his coupon! Big Grin So he got a $20.00 backpack for $5.00 after I paid half the balance. I guess technically I should pay $10.00. That's half of the retail. His half being the coupon.

Challenge bal.....$1752.00
cake order........$ 42.00
NSD yesterday.....$ 5.00
New bal...........$1799.00

Free wood?

May 15th, 2008 at 01:27 pm

I wrote in an earlier post that we had some trees cut down to the tune of $750.00. They were all Oak trees. We thought we would sell the wood this winter for fire wood to recoupe (sp) some of the cost. We still have to rent a splitter at $40.00/day. The problem is that so many people are asking for the wood (for free) knowing very well our plans for selling it come this fall. I don't want to seem selfish, but I have an emergency fund that I need to build up. Smile
Vent over - sorry.

DH got paid today. After all bills are paid, we should be able to put at least $1500.00 to the emergency fund. I have really tried to watch the spending this month, but I am going to splurge and get my hair done today with some birthday money I got last week from my parents. Hope hope I feel sassy like Thrifty Ray. Big Grin

I have several cake orders to do between now and the end of the month. That shound bring in about $250.00 total. As I recieve payment, it will be added to the challenge.

Where does it all go?

May 5th, 2008 at 01:56 pm

That's what I say every month, so I decided to document all money spent in May. This is what it looks like so far...

4/30...gas for mower...$33.00 for DH...$37.00 for me...$30.00
...gas for truck...$51.00
...youth camp dep...$85.00
5/01...trees cut...$750.00
5/02...books from garage sale...$1.00
...diesel to burn branches...$19.00
...gas for SUV...$61.00
...water for kids while out...$2.00
5/03...WalMart (tire, gas cards, etc)...$161
5/04...Sunday papers for coupons...$6.00

We are not even thru the first week and have spent $1236.00, and today I will be running errands and spending more. Everything I have purchased (and plan to purchase) is nessities. Yes, I should have packed a cooler instead of buying water for the kids, but it was an impromptu trip.

Still waiting for my stimulus. Ours is going to the vacation fund and emergency fund.

Hope to have enough time today to bake homemade cinnamon rolls and banana bread. Will take samples to a friend of mines office with some buisness cards.

Adding to the challenge
ck rdup.$ 21.00
no A/C..$ 3.00
new bal.$1752.00