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November 16th, 2009 at 02:48 pm

I learned today that Taste of Home had some cookbooks on sale on their website. I found several I wanted and several for inexpensive Christmas gifts. When I went to check out over half were already sold out. Oh well...

I really need to start posting more to keep myself accountable, and it's neat to look back and see my past in writing.

I also hope to keep better track of my grocery spending. I don"t really know how much I spend on food tho I am a frugal shopper. I shop sales and combine coupons with those sales. Maybe I'll post here of my grocery spending and coupon savings...

2 Responses to “bummed...”

  1. Kris10leigh Says:

    I love Taste of Home and especially their annual books. I often find them at half priced (used) book stores. I hadn't thought about that as gift ideas...

  2. littlemama Says:

    On occasion they have a clearence sale for $5.00 a book. I also had a code for free shipping...

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