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February 17th, 2010 at 02:55 pm

What started out as a repair has grown into a full remodel. The shower floor in our master bathroom was cracked and we were just going to replace it but...then we discovered there was enough room for a tub if we knock a wall out. From there it snowballed. We decided to get a jacuzzi tub...more $. Hired a couple of guys whose work was sub-par. Had to hire someone else who actually cared about their quality of work and knew what they were doing to fix it. Happy with them so far. The tub wasn't as wide as the old shower floot and the tile floor couldn't be matched (circa 1980) so we decided to retile the whole floor. That then led to tiling the tub surround area. It is very nice so far. I think we will be very happy with it. What started as a small project costing maybe $1000.00 is going to cost about 4 or five time that. Oh well...

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  1. Jerry Says:

    That is so often the way things go with a remodel! There are so many unforeseen considerations that lead to additional expenses. Still, it might as well be done right, so that you have the insurance of a room that you can use and enjoy in the future. I hope the new contractors do a great job!

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